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The Grind is Amazing!

As with every small business in the beginning stages of growth and development, I find myself grinding every free minute I have to make this brand a reality. Social media posts, new design ideas, collaborations with other pre-existing brands (more to come on that) inventory, printing and can be daunting! Pair that with a full-time healthcare career and being a Dad to two boys ages 4 and 6! If you don't love the constant action then this life isn't for you! Its been amazing to see all of the support and orders come in from all over the country. The first time we received an order from someone we didn't know was so awesome! The thought that people would want to purchase our ideas and designs is humbling to say the least. The best part of it all is that I believe so much in the brand, the quality and the comfort of these shirts, and our customers are beginning to as well! We are seeing so many reorders and getting so much feedback that its the most comfortable shirt people own! We Love It! The thing about this brand is that its backed by me, a Marine, and if you know anything about Marines...We don't do things Half Assed! Give us a shot if your wavering, I promise you won't be sorry!

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