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Did you know that the average conversion rate from website visitor to customer is 2-3%?! Even if you do all the right things, the average conversion from website visitor to customer purchase is still 2-3 percent. For small business relying solely on E-commerce this number can be make or break. This is why it is so important that we find other ways to build our network. In order to get 20 purchases in a day you have to average 1000 website visits in that same day! If you have a few spare minutes take the time to support your local small businesses. Everything helps! Share the site, tell others how awesome the products are and support one another if you can! We would love it if you would do the same for us! Driving new business in an ever changing market is tough, good thing we are resilient!! Check out our new addition to the line!

Thanks for your support!!! - Buffalo King

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